Polycrystal Veneering Module

Polycrystal Veneering Module

The main crystal phase of the polycrystalline mullite fiber is a single mullite phase, which is used in high-temperature polycrystalline alumina fibers at a high temperature, and has the best thermal stability, and a product having a temperature of 1400 ° C or higher is used....

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Veneering Modules are made from high purity polycrystal mullite fiber which can be directly bonded to other refractory material surfaces by high temperature adhesives to improve the thermal insulation performance of furnace lining.

Veneering Modules can be applied in 1600℃ high temperature atmosphere which can still maintain excellent thermal insulation and superior chemical stability.


● Heating furnace lining

● Heat treatment furnace lining

● Tunnel Kiln lining

● Shutter kiln lining


● Low heat storage

● Low thermal conductivity

● Resistance to thermal shock

● Excellent sound-absorbing capacity

● Excellent chemical stability

● Ability to withstand gas flow

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