Polycrystalline Veneering Fiber Felt

Polycrystalline Veneering Fiber Felt

The main crystal phase of the polycrystalline mullite fiber is a single mullite phase, which is used in high-temperature polycrystalline alumina fibers at a high temperature, and has the best thermal stability, and a product having a temperature of 1400 ° C or higher is used....

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◆Alumina fiber felt/polycrystalline mullite fiber felt Features:

Low thermal conductivity, heat washout, high flexibility, good sound insulation, corrosion resistance

◆Alumina fiber felt/polycrystalline mullite fiber felt application:

Furnace door and furnace expansion joint sealing material, insulation and electrical insulation of equipment and heating equipment, high temperature sealing gasket, glass and enamel, ladle cover, hot blast stove, anti-scouring part

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