Polycrystal Veneering Fiber Bulk

The main crystal phase of the polycrystalline mullite fiber is a single mullite phase, which is used in high-temperature polycrystalline alumina fibers at a high temperature, and has the best thermal stability, and a product having a temperature of 1400 ° C or higher is used....

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It is produced by advanced silk reeling process. Its basic characteristics are stable performance at low temperature, light weight, low heat capacity, good thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance and sound absorption performance. The modern high-tech enables the light barrier and lightweight cotton to meet special requirements and meet the needs of customers.

◆Alumina fiber cotton/polycrystalline mullite fiber cotton Features:

It is still loose and soft and has good elasticity at high temperatures.

Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity.

Excellent thermal shock resistance.

Does not contain any binders and other corrosive substances.

Excellent sound absorption performance.

◆Alumina fiber cotton/polycrystalline mullite fiber cotton application:

As a base material, it can be used as a raw material for fiber deep-processed products such as plates, papers, and shaped parts.

Filling material for expansion joints or short-term insulation repair.

Fiber reinforced materials for insulating concrete and bonding agents.

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