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Working Environment And Refractory Brick Configuration In Various Areas Of Top-fired Hot Blast Stove Regenerator
Jan 10, 2019

The regenerator is divided into three parts: a low temperature area, a medium temperature area, and a high temperature area. The refractory configuration used varies depending on the operating environment and the operating environment.

1. Low temperature zone

The lower temperature region of the regenerator is operated at a temperature of <900 °C. The main function is to withstand the gravity load of the upper masonry and the strong convective heat exchange process at the initial stage of air supply. The refractory requirements in this area are not too high and require products with good thermal shock resistance. It is recommended to use ordinary clay bricks.

2, the middle temperature zone

In the central region of the regenerator, the temperature tends to fluctuate at 800-1100 ° C. This region is called the transition region between the high temperature region and the low temperature region. The application of the refractory brick requires good high temperature creep. Low creep high alumina bricks or low creep clay bricks are recommended.

3, high temperature zone

In the upper part of the regenerator, the refractory material required to have good thermal stability due to high temperature and alternating changes. High alumina bricks limit their use in this area due to their creep properties and expansion characteristics.

Andalusite brick is the best configuration choice in this area in terms of performance. It has the advantages of high refractoriness, high load softening temperature, good high temperature stability and good thermal shock resistance, but the price of andalusite brick is relatively high.

In practical applications, there are more and more cases in which silicon bricks are used in this area. Silica bricks have the advantages of good thermal expansion and high softening point, but they have poor anti-flaking performance and light storage capacity compared with andalusite bricks. Lower. The silicon brick is used in the working layer of the upper part of the hot blast stove, and the lightweight silicon brick suitable for the material of the working layer is used as the heat insulation layer.

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