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Why Use Low-creep High-aluminum Bricks In The Hot-air Zone? What Is The Effect?
Dec 17, 2018

Hot blast stove is an important equipment in blast furnace smelting. Depending on the temperature of each zone, the refractory bricks used are different. The traditional hot blast stove structure is made of refractory bricks made of silicon, high alumina and clay. For example, the medium temperature region of the hot blast stove is mainly made of low creep high alumina bricks. Why use low-creep high-aluminum bricks in the hot-air zone? What is the effect?

Hot air stove

First of all, we need to understand the working environment of the hot zone in the hot blast stove.

The medium temperature region of the hot blast stove is relatively not very high, and is basically at 600 to 1200 ° C. It mainly has a combustion chamber side, a regenerator side, and a hot vent, and is a transition zone from high temperature to low temperature. The focus of these areas is the large temperature drop, so when choosing refractory bricks, you should choose low creep high aluminum bricks with good quenching and rapid heat effects.

Low creep high alumina brick

Next, let's talk about the performance of low creep high alumina bricks.

In the above-mentioned medium temperature range, we mainly use low creep high alumina bricks with good creep resistance, low creep high alumina bricks, high quality high alumina bauxite, and high-end such as kyanite, andalusite and sillimanite. The "Three Stones" refractory raw materials are fired. These three stone components, in the firing process of high alumina bricks, complete two mullite crystal transformations, and finally form a structurally stable mullite crystal phase, so that high alumina bricks have very good creep resistance.

Effect of low creep high alumina brick in the middle temperature zone of hot blast stove

The medium temperature region of the hot blast stove has been well developed with low creep high aluminum brick masonry. Its good high temperature performance can adapt to changes in its working environment. The performance of the brick body is stable, effectively extending the life cycle of the hot blast stove.

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