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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Masonry And Baking Of Refractory Materials For Rotary Waste Incinerators?
Dec 19, 2018

With the development of urbanization and urbanization in various places, the treatment of urban wastes is becoming more and more powerful. Rotary kiln treatment waste is the most used in recent years, and it is also relatively environmentally friendly.


The temperature of the rotary kiln treatment waste is between 800 ° C and 900 ° C. In other industrial kilns, the temperature is not too high. In the selection of refractory materials, high alumina bricks, mullite bricks and high alumina refractory castables are mainly used. We have already said a lot about the construction of the kiln. Here we mainly talk about what needs to be paid attention to during construction and baking:

First, construction

Rotary waste incinerators are built by rotating method. When laying out, there are five things to be aware of:

1. The kiln body installation, weld height, etc. must be inspected to remove dust and debris.

2. Strict use of masonry mud, strict control of mud consistency, water addition and water.

3. The masonry of multi-layer refractory bricks should adopt the ring-laying method.

4, masonry should strictly follow the masonry specifications of refractory bricks.

5. After the overall masonry is completed, each layer of refractory bricks must be reliably concentric with the cylinder.

Second, the oven

The main purpose of the oven is to remove the moisture in the refractory material and let the masonry completely dry, so that the masonry can reach a certain strength, and at the same time ensure that the rotary kiln operation in China will not cause cracks and shedding due to temperature changes.

Attention must be paid to the oven: 1. Before the oven, pay attention to check whether the masonry of the refractory material is standardized.

2. Set the appropriate oven curve according to the masonry material and strictly follow the design.

3. After the oven, carefully check the sintering condition of the masonry, whether there are cracks in the brick joint and the refractory brick, and make corresponding solutions.

Rotary kiln processing waste, kiln construction and oven have a great relationship with the kiln life cycle. These two steps are not good, and the quality of the materials used is no good. Therefore, not only must we buy the materials, but also use the materials well to ensure the stable operation of the furnace.

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