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What Is A Water-cooled Cupola? Water-cooled Cupola Furnace Structure
Jan 02, 2019

The water-cooled cupola is reinforced by water outside the melting zone with the highest temperature in the furnace, because in the melting zone, most of the heat generated by coke burning is transferred to the iron, so that the iron absorbs heat and melts and overheats. In addition, the excess heat acts on the furnace wall to melt and erode the refractory material of the lining. Under normal circumstances, after the furnace has been melted for a certain period of time, it can no longer continue to melt, mainly due to erosion damage of the furnace wall. If the remaining heat during melting can be removed, and the absorption and removal of the remaining heat are balanced, the erosion of the lining is greatly reduced, so that the melting life of the furnace can be extended for several days or more. This is especially important for some steel plants, such as the hot metal supply in the converter plant, the hot metal supply in the continuous pipe plant, etc. The water-cooled cupola can meet this need.

The water-cooled cupola has various forms. Figure 1 is a cupola for cooling the outside of the furnace shell with water spray. The upper and lower parts of the bellows are equipped with annular water pipes. The diameter of the water pipes is 20~32mm, depending on the size of the cupola, the water pipes. A small hole with a diameter of 5 mm is drilled for water spray, and the cooling water is sprayed from the small hole to the furnace body, and then flows down and drains into the water tank. The water-cooling device has a simple structure, but prevents water from overflowing in the water tank. Figures 2 and 3 are another water-cooling device, called a water jacketed device. The water jacket of Figure 2 is housed in a furnace and is referred to as an internal cooling type. The inner cooling water jacket can be divided into several pieces and placed in the furnace, each of which passes water. The water jacket should pay attention to prevent leakage of water. The inside of the water jacket is added with a lining of about 50 mm thick. Figure 3 shows the water jacket on the outer wall of the furnace. The whole water jacket is surrounded by the melting zone, and the width of the water is 75~80mm. The bottom of the water jacket is equipped with a drain valve. When washing, the sediment in the water jacket can be released, the lower part is filled with water, and the outlet is located at the lower part of the water jacket. On the outside, it is easy to check frequently. The water in the water jacket, the water temperature, if heated with water, is heated to 40 ° C, such as with soft water can be heated to 80 ° C, the cooling water is not allowed to boil.

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