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What Are The Structural Components Of The Nolanda Furnace For Non-ferrous Metal Smelting?
Feb 12, 2019

The Noranda furnace is a horizontal cylindrical rotary smelting furnace, which is widely used in the non-ferrous heavy metal industry and is an important thermal equipment. The Nolanda furnace adopts an oxygen-rich molten pool smelting process. The furnace shell is rolled from a steel plate and lined with high-grade magnesia-chrome bricks. Both ends of the furnace body are supported by roller wheels and driven by a high-power DC motor. In order to ensure safe production, for some special reasons, the furnace is required to change from the air blowing state to the air stopping state, and the computer control system can automatically rotate the furnace by 48° to transfer the air outlet out of the molten pool surface. In addition, there are cooling facilities (air-cooling) in the ice-copper discharge port and the slag discharge port. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the lining structure of a Nolanda furnace.

1. Straight tube

The furnace body is divided into a tuyere zone (blowing zone) with a length of 10m and a sedimentation tuyere zone of 7m in length along the length of the furnace. The slag line of the upper and lower slag lines of the sedimentation zone is 457mm thicker than the upper and lower furnace linings, and the other circumferential masonry is 381mm. The oxygen-enriched air is blown into the furnace from the side of the blowing zone of the furnace body near the feeding end wall, and is opened to the same side of the sedimentation zone of the slag-end wall. Measuring holes are also respectively opened on both sides of the furnace mouth at the top of the furnace tube, and the SO2 flue gas is discharged from the furnace mouth, enters the waste heat boiler, and then is sent to the acid workshop to produce sulfuric acid.

2, the end wall

One end of the furnace body is a feeding end wall, which is 381 mm thick and has a feeding port; the other end is a slag-end wall, which is 457 mm thick, and has a slag discharging port, and a burner is respectively arranged on the wall portions at both ends.

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