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What Are The Erosions Of Refractory Bricks In The Float Glass Furnace Wall?
Dec 26, 2018

The float glass furnace is the key thermal equipment in the glass production process, and the key factor in the life of the float glass furnace is the vulnerable part of the melting furnace. The wall bricks are directly washed and eroded by the batch materials, glass liquid, flame and air flow at high temperature. Improper use will not only seriously affect the furnace life, but also cause a large amount of zirconium and corundum inclusions in the glass surface. Affect the quality of glass production.

In the glass production process, the wall bricks will be eroded due to the effects of high temperature, flame, powder, atmosphere, gas flow and liquid flow, that is, under the action of heat, chemical action and mechanical action.

1 erosion method of pool wall brick

High temperature chemical attack: kiln powder, glass liquid and flame gas will attack refractory materials at high temperatures. The soda ash, thenardite and oxide in the batch react with the surface of the refractory material at a high temperature to form a low-temperature eutectic or loose substance, and continue to permeate and diffuse into the interior of the brick body by the alternating reaction of the void or interface of the refractory material itself. The refractory material is gradually dissolved, peeled off, thinned, deteriorated, recrystallized, and the like.

High temperature scouring: material pile, glass liquid, flame and air flow at high temperature, due to the flow effect, the refractory material is washed and gradually thinned.

2 fused zirconium corundum wall brick erosion step

The fused AZS brick exudes a high-viscosity glass phase under high temperature, or forms a high-viscosity glass liquid with the nearby glass liquid, preventing the brick from being further eroded. Due to the flow and erosion of the pile, glass, flame and airflow, the fused AZS The high-viscosity glass liquid layer on the brick surface is destroyed or dislocated, and the new surface is further melted by the kiln powder, glass liquid and flame gas at a high temperature. Under the repeated combination of high temperature chemical attack and high temperature scouring, the wall bricks are continuously eroded.

3 Factors affecting brick wall erosion

The composition and manufacturing quality of the pool wall bricks determine the erosion resistance of the wall bricks.

2 Temperature is the main factor that accelerates the erosion of chemical reactions and dissolution. The higher the temperature, the faster the erosion of the brick walls.

3 The glass composition affects the erosion speed of the brick wall bricks. For example, when the content of mirabilite and fluoride is high, the erosion speed will increase.

4 Cracks and pores accelerate the erosion and damage of the wall bricks, especially the horizontal cracks of the gas, liquid and solid three-phase interface are most easily eroded.

The stronger the flow rate of the material pile, the glass liquid, the flame and the air flow, the faster the loss of the protective layer and the faster the erosion.

6 Fuel combustion products, batch volatiles and furnace atmosphere affect the erosion rate of the wall bricks.

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