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Underground Furnace Lining Masonry Process And Oven Process
Dec 24, 2018

The proposal of the overall lining masonry process of the submerged arc furnace is still to improve the life of the lining. Due to different concepts, two representative process models have been formed. The common point is that the cooling and heat conduction method is adopted, and the furnace shell is sprayed with water cooling or closed forced water cooling and forced furnace bottom ventilation. In addition, in the lining masonry, the furnace wall and the furnace bottom are thinned, and the furnace wall has no insulating layer, thermal insulation layer and elastic layer. The masonry concept is derived from UCAR technology. In addition, a masonry is made of a variety of carbon refractories of different properties by fine processing and bonding; the other is made by micro-expansion cold paste. The former has a long construction period and high cost of masonry. Both can replace traditional masonry, but the latter has a cost advantage.

1. 12.5MVA cold paste integral furnace lining masonry process

Sinosteel Jilin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 12.5MVA carbon-manganese ore hot lining adopts cold paste 95~100t, can be used continuously for 3~5 years, can be reused without destroying the bottom masonry material when replacing the carbonaceous lining, reducing masonry The cost can reach 100,000 yuan.

2, 12.5MVA ore furnace new furnace drying process

2.1 The iron bottom concentrate, scrap steel and ferrosilicon material at the bottom of the furnace are used for the protection of the dead iron layer.

2.2 Chai oven 4h, coke oven 44h, electric oven 36h.

2.3 After the temperature at the bottom of the electrode bottom of the furnace bottom, the temperature tends to be stable after 15 days, and the operating temperature is about 800 °C from the ambient temperature of 20 °C. The point A is the east exit and the point C is the spare tap. Point C is often lower than 50 degrees C at point A.

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