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Top-fired Hot Blast Stove Refractory Structure And Construction Technical Requirements
Jan 08, 2019

The design of the top-fired hot blast stove optimizes the advantages of the internal combustion type, the ball type and the Kalugin type hot blast stove, and has the characteristics of low investment, quick effect, high efficiency and energy saving, long life and high air temperature.

1. Structural characteristics of top-fired hot blast stove

The dome of the top-fired hot blast stove and the structure of the combustion chamber are shown in Figure 1.

Main structural features:

(1) The dome is a catenary line, and the combustion chamber wall is separated from the large wall of the regenerator, and is connected with a labyrinth slip joint.

(2) The burner is placed at the base of the dome, and the combustion gas and air passage are designed in the straight wall of the combustion chamber.

(3) The hot air outlet branch pipe and the furnace shell connection part, the tapered section is designed, and the working layer is made of "Z" type andalusite brick.

2 furnace body refractory structure and construction technical requirements

In the middle temperature zone of the furnace (above the height of 13.480m), spray the RT-J0.8 and FN-130 refractory spray coating with δ=50mm, and lay the ceramic fiber mechanism board with t=30mm thick on the straight wall, and fill the ceramic fiber with the dome. blanket. The working layer in the low temperature zone is clay brick, the high temperature zone is silicon brick with good high temperature creep property and the high alumina brick with good earthquake resistance, and the ceramic burner is made of cordierite brick. The upper part of the regenerator is a siliceous brick with the largest heat storage, and the lower part is a clay brick with strong convection heat transfer.

The horizontal and radial joints of the furnace wall are ≤ 2mm, the joints of the annular and insulating layers are 3mm; the manhole, hot air outlet, combustion air, gas and flue mouth, cold air slab joint ≤ 1.5mm, mortar fullness 95%; The radius of the furnace wall is ±1.5mm, the inner arc surface is smooth and clean, the wrong teeth are ≤2mm, the door bricks are evenly distributed, and the thickness of the furnace wall meets the design requirements.

The lining of the hot blast stove and its construction quality will directly affect the thermal insulation effect of the furnace body and the stability of the lining structure, thus having a profound impact on the life and design efficiency of the furnace.

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