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The Location And Cause Of Damage To The Lining Of The Submerged Arc Furnace
Dec 20, 2018

Electrothermal reduction method The refractory bricks and ramming materials lining the ore furnace generally have short life problems, which leads to an increase in smelting costs, which in turn affects the economic benefits of the enterprise. There are many factors that cause damage to the lining, mainly slag erosion and erosion erosion. Erosion is concentrated in the bottom of the furnace and the lower part of the furnace wall. These two parts are the highest and the weakest part of the entire lining.

The main part of the erosion:

(1) Bottom: There are two problems that are likely to occur at the bottom of the furnace. The refractory bricks float off the bottom of the furnace body, commonly known as "floating bricks" and refractory bricks.

(2) The lower wall of the slag line: mainly the erosion of the furnace wall refractory brick under the action of erosion, chemical erosion and mechanical action.

Characteristics of erosion and damage

The lining erosion of the submerged arc furnace mainly occurs in the working layer. Due to the contact of the working layer with the molten metal and slag, the chemical corrosion and mechanical scouring of the high temperature solution and slag are affected, and the composition and mineral composition of the slag are changed. The causes and characteristics are:

(1) During the smelting process of the submerged arc furnace, the lining is continuously subjected to chemical erosion and erosion.

(2) In the transition layer, slag or metal melt intrudes into the interior of the masonry and reacts with the refractory to form a solid solution or compound.

(3) The molten metal penetrates along the brick joint, and the refractory brick is floated by the solution.

(4) The local area near the high temperature zone of the arc, the working temperature exceeds the refractoriness, so that some or all of the refractory brick body is ablated.

Causes of erosion and damage

(1) It is related to the process parameters of the submerged arc furnace.

(2) Defects or performance defects in the quality of the lining refractory.

(3) Defects in the quality of the lining masonry construction or maintenance.

(4) Ingredients and slag composition factors of molten mineral raw materials.

(5) Production operation factors

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