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The Cause, Treatment And Prevention Of The Iron Mouth Burn-through Accident In The Smelting Of Ferrosilicon Furnace
Feb 22, 2019

Iron outlet burn-through is a common abnormal accident in the process of ferrosilicon smelting in the hot furnace. The so-called iron outlet burn-through refers to the molten iron flowing out from a certain seam around the iron outlet (not somewhere in the iron outlet), which often burns the furnace shell and iron outlet equipment and requires power failure for treatment.

Therefore, efforts must be made to prevent such accidents.

Causes of iron outlet burning:

(1) ignore the building quality of the masonry near the iron mouth, especially the quality of the carbon brick gap is poor.

(2) a long time out of the depth of the plug is not enough, or often add lime furnace furnace condition, use near the iron mouth of the carbon brick was seriously eroded.

(3) repair the iron mouth, electrode paste is not full, molten iron from the electrode paste and carbon brick seam through.

(4) the iron mouth maintenance is not good, the lower part of the depression use iron mouth is not easy to block solid, hot iron from the place by the bottom of the furnace and flow iron trough carbon brick contact place leakage, thus burning through the iron mouth.

Methods to prevent burning through the iron orifice:

(1) in the process of mine furnace masonry to pay special attention to the masonry near the mouth of the iron masonry quality.

(2) the iron mouth electrode paste to fill rammed, so that it and carbon brick burned into one.

(3) maintain the iron mouth and the flow of iron groove.

Try not to use lime to deal with furnace condition.

(5) smelting such as found near the iron mouth of the furnace shell local redness, should be dealt with immediately.

The treatment method of iron outlet burn through:

(1) immediately open the iron mouth.

(2) will burn through the part of the metal and slag removal, and then fill with electrode paste rammed.

(3) according to the outlet damage repair, if necessary, should be a power failure, replace the carbon brick near the outlet and timely processing.

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