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Talking About The Shrinkage Of Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Dec 14, 2018

Ceramic fiber blanket is one of our main products. Next, we strongly recommend the following introduction for you. Maybe you can benefit a lot from it. The following small knitting on the shrinkage of ceramic fiber blankets to say their views.

The microcosmic shrinkage, which accumulates more obviously in appearance, increases the gap between the contact elements of the ceramic fiber blanket. Although there is a pre-compression during installation, the filling is limited due to the loss of elasticity of the fibers. Flames will break through the joint of the unit, causing damage to the anchor and the inner fibers to fall off. Therefore, the shrinkage rate of ceramic fiber blanket is an important condition to measure the service temperature and time of ceramic fiber blanket. When heated, the shrinkage rate is less than 2.4%, which should be the safe service temperature of ceramic fiber blanket. Therefore, in the application technology, the use temperature of ceramic fiber blanket should be selected and the heating time should be taken into account. The optimum value of both should be the safe and reliable parameters of the design.

I don't know if the above content is helpful to you. If you want to know more about ceramic fiber blanket, please continue to pay attention to us. We will continue to release the latest industry information. I believe there will be content you need.

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