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Structure Of Plasma Induction Furnace
Feb 22, 2019

The structure of plasma induction furnace is a new type of smelting equipment.It mainly consists of induction furnace and plasma arc generator.The induction furnace body can be used together with power frequency furnace, triple frequency furnace and intermediate frequency furnace. The furnace body structure is shown in figure 1.(1) induction coil and crucibleThe induction coil of the plasma induction furnace comprises a coil for heating and a coil for stirring.The small capacity stove has only heating coil, while the large capacity stove has stirring coil besides heating coil.The structure of the induction coil is the same as that of the common induction furnace.The crucible is made of the same material as the ordinary induction furnace, except that a water-cooled anode is installed at the bottom of the crucible.(2) the furnace coverThe cover of the plasma induction furnace is made of double steel plate with water cooling and refractory lining.There is a hole in the middle of the furnace cover, for the plasma gun into the furnace, the gap between the gun and the furnace cover, sealed with heat-resistant asbestos products.The furnace cover is also equipped with a feeding hopper, used for adding micro alloying elements, deoxidizing agents and easy oxidizing elements, and the hopper is sealed with the cover.In the smelting process, in order to observe the situation in the furnace, the furnace cover is also installed with a flashing frequency observation device or with a brush of quartz glass observation window.Cooling water is provided in the contact part between the furnace cover and the furnace body.(3) the furnace shellThe structure of furnace shell is totally enclosed.Fully enclosed furnace shell, the crucible, induction coil all closed inside.The fully enclosed furnace shell has the advantages of good sealing, easy control of pressure in the furnace and good refining effect.However, this kind of furnace shell structure is more complex, need to pay special attention to solve the problems of water, electricity and the insulation of the furnace shell, and the effect of the magnetic field around the induction coil on the furnace shell.The fully enclosed furnace shell can maintain positive pressure operation.The furnace shell should be chosen according to the type of steel and the actual situation.(4) the tapping holeThe steel outlet is separated from the atmosphere in the smelting process, and its structure is made of steel tube as the jacket, with refractory materials inside the furnace mouth, the outlet end has a seal cover, take off the cover plate for pouring when steel outlet.(5) tilting mechanism of furnace bodyPlasma induction furnace tilting Angle should be greater than 90 °, so that the net liquid steel.Usually USES the hydraulic system to pour the furnace, also USES the common mechanical tilting device.(6) plasma gun lifting deviceHydraulic lifting device is usually used in lifting and lowering of plasma gun to ensure stable lifting and lowering of gun body.

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