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Solution To Deformation And Cracking Of Refractory Bricks For Tank Calciner
Dec 19, 2018

At the beginning of the month, I asked the technical department for a technical return visit to a carbon producer. Two years ago, a new furnace of the company was put into use, and the problem of cracks and deformation of the refractory brick occurred shortly after. In general, the tank calciner is 6 to 8 years old, and the lining material is good. If it is properly maintained, it can even be longer. Why is the problem of cracking of kiln bricks in this furnace in a short time?

The main problem of the refractory brick for the can calciner is the deformation of the refractory brick of the lower fire mouth and the bursting and deformation of the refractory brick of the outlet. The furnace body is mainly made of silicon brick, and the silicon brick has a high load softening temperature, and is an ideal refractory material in the heat conduction calcining furnace. Since there is nothing wrong with the choice of materials, the factors causing the explosion and deformation of the refractory bricks for the tank calciner are mainly the following:

1, refractory brick quality; 2, silicon brick size design; 3, masonry quality; 4, oven and furnace temperature control; 5, furnace volatiles erosion.

After the initial receipt of the problem, the first time the joint technical department surveyed the furnace and found that the furnace was designed and built to match a large foreign contract, and it is urgent to expand the production line. At that time, the construction of the furnace was relatively hasty, and in order to put into production more quickly, the construction period was short during the masonry and the oven, which resulted in unqualified masonry construction and the oven heating too fast. Although no problems were found after the oven, due to a series of environmental protection in the local area, the production was stopped in autumn and winter, and the furnaces were opened and stopped. The frequent heating and cooling caused the thermal rupture of the lining refractory bricks.


After finding the cause, the technical team quickly organized discussions and developed a solution. The construction plan and the oven heating curve of the refractory brick were redesigned for the problem part. The professional construction team removed the problem parts and strictly followed the construction furnace specifications and the designed oven heating curve for construction maintenance. Compared with the original bricks, the newly used silica bricks are made of high-quality calciner-specific silica bricks, which are made of high-quality silica raw materials, special composite mineralizers and additives. In the life cycle, longer than the original brick. As of the return visit date, the masonry lining has been in operation for 2 years, although the number of production limits has been increasing in the past two years but has not affected the use of the furnace.

In the many professional consultations we received in the kiln, we encountered many of the above cases. The quality of the materials was very good, but because the enterprises were eager to start construction, the construction and baking were not well done. Therefore, the kiln enterprise can not buy the materials blindly, the good materials and the professional construction team are the kiln to meet expectations or even exceed expectations.

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