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Reasons For The Use Of Neutral Refractories For Ferronickel Furnace Linings
Dec 20, 2018

Nickel iron ore furnace lining in the smelting process, not only to withstand strong high temperature effects, but also to withstand the physical, chemical erosion and mechanical erosion of furnace materials, high temperature gas, molten iron and high temperature slag.

With the depletion of high-grade nickel sulfide ore resources, laterite nickel ore has been more and more widely used. The slag operation alkalinity produced by laterite nickel ore smelting is between 0.65 and 0.70, which is acidic, while the magnesia material is Alkaline, so the erosion of magnesium materials is more obvious. It is recommended to use neutral materials for the lining of the ore furnace for industrial smelting of ferronickel.

Another 25.5MVA nickel-iron electric furnace uses 1653t of magnesia material, while neutral carbonaceous material is less than 779t. The amount is more than twice that of neutral refractory. The use of neutral materials also effectively expands the furnace diameter. Under load, the production capacity of a single piece of equipment can be increased; and the dead iron layer is preset, which not only saves the amount of refractory materials, but also avoids the rapid cooling of the bottom of the furnace caused by tapping, which is more conducive to balancing the quality of the product; Self-flowing circulating water cooling greatly saves energy consumption and mechanical wear, eliminates convection of hot air in the workshop, and makes the working environment more environmentally friendly.

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