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Preparation Of The Mixing And Lifting System Before The Construction Of The Refractory Castable
Feb 14, 2019

Before the construction of refractory castables in industrial furnaces, there are many items to be prepared, such as the preparation of mixing and lifting systems. Generally, in the case of engineering with a large amount of refractory castables, in order to ensure continuous construction, it is necessary to prepare. Two sets of mixing systems and two sets of lifting systems.

(1) Using the roof steel frame, put a rainproof shed at 22.5m, and set up a platform on the 5m steel beam as a mixing platform for refractory castable construction. A mixer is placed on the platform so that the discharge port of the stirrer is placed against the top of the furnace so that the castable flows directly into the furnace through the funnel and the stringer. In addition, a mixer is also available, as shown in Figure 1.

(2) Place a 2m3 water tank on the ground and 17.5m platform, and set up a water pump with a head of at least (greater than) 50m on the ground to ensure that the water storage capacity in the water tank on the 17.5m platform meets the mixing and cleaning water. Claim. In addition, a spare pump is used;

(3) To prevent temporary water cuts, reserve one fire truck;

(4) A hoist is installed on the ground to ensure the material requirements on the 17.5m platform. Before the refractory castable construction is formally poured, a part of the castable is transported on the platform in advance. In addition, a spare hoist;

(5) Ensure that there is no power outage during the construction of the refractory castable;

(6) Set up walkie-talkies on the ground, platform and furnace to ensure that materials are transported and stirred in contact with the furnace.

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