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Performance Characteristics And Use Parts Of Refractory Castables And Refractory Bricks Commonly Used In Power Plant Fluidized Bed Boilers
Jan 14, 2019

In the configuration of refractory materials for circulating fluidized bed boiler lining in power plants, most of the refractory materials such as refractory castables are used. The commonly used refractory castables and refractory bricks have steel fiber wear-resistant refractory castables and wear-resistant refractory castables. , refractory insulation castables, etc., the performance characteristics and use parts of specific materials are as follows:

1. Steel fiber wear-resistant refractory castable

Steel fiber wear-resistant refractory castables are made of special grade high alumina bauxite clinker as aggregate, pure calcium aluminate cement as binder, first grade high quality high alumina bauxite fine powder as matrix, and ultrafine powder as admixture. Refractory products. In order to enhance the compressive strength and crack resistance of the product, a certain amount of steel fiber is added therein to reduce the difference between the solid material and the matrix at a high temperature, and to prevent stress cracking caused by a temperature gradient generated when the furnace is started and stopped. The operating temperature range is below 1000 °C. When the temperature is above 1000 °C, the fiber is oxidized and the toughening effect is deteriorated, but the antioxidation effect of the material is increased. The steel fiber is added through a sieve with a uniform mesh, otherwise it will cause uneven addition or agglomeration. The high performance of the aluminum wear-resistant castables is poor, and the fluidity is not good. Therefore, vibration casting must be used during construction to ensure the compactness of the steel fiber wear-resistant castable. However, it has high strength, thermal burst resistance and thermal shock resistance. It is widely used in the power industry. It is mainly used in furnaces, flue pipes and separators in fluidized bed boilers.


2, wear-resistant refractory castable

The wear-resistant refractory castable has the characteristics of high strength, good wear resistance, stable volume, thermal burst resistance, strong thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance and wear resistance. It is widely used in CFB boiler furnace, flue, cyclone separator and return. Parts such as feeders.


3, refractory insulation castable

The refractory insulation castable is prepared by using mullite polyspheres, floating beads, high-quality ceramsite as aggregate, high-aluminum fine powder as base material and high-aluminum cement as binder and additive. The product has low thermal conductivity, convenient construction and good thermal insulation performance. It is an excellent thermal insulation material for high temperature equipment of industrial power station boilers.

4, low-conductive insulation castable

The low-conductivity thermal insulation castable is prepared by using perlite and vermiculite as aggregate, clay fine powder as the base material and high aluminum cement as the binder. The product has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect and convenient construction, and is mainly used for heat insulation and heat insulation of power station boilers.

5, wear-resistant refractory brick

The wear-resistant refractory brick is made of compact bauxite clinker, corundum, etc., and is prepared by high-pressure molding, medium-temperature heat treatment or high-temperature sintering with phosphoric acid or other composite binder. It has the advantages of excellent wear resistance, high load softening temperature, high compressive strength, good thermal stability and strong chemical resistance. It is a wear-resistant refractory material commonly used in boiler liners.


6. Low-conducting thermal insulation brick and low-conductivity thermal insulation products

Low-induction thermal insulation brick and low-conductivity thermal insulation products are a new thermal insulation material designed and developed for CFB boilers. The material has small bulk density, low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. It is suitable for all kinds of boilers, furnace linings, pipeline insulation and other thermal equipment with hot surface temperature below 1000 °C.

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