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Optimized Configuration Of Checker Brick For Regenerative Chamber Of Top-fired Hot Blast Stove
Jan 08, 2019

In the design of the top-fired hot blast stove, the temperature distribution in the height direction of the regenerator is different. According to the heat transfer calculation result and the heat transfer characteristics of the refractory material, the use area of the lattice bricks of different materials is set on the grid brick arrangement.


The top-fired hot blast stoves have different heights depending on the temperature range, and the lattice bricks used are different. From top to bottom, they are siliceous, andalusite, low creep clay, and high density clay.

The high temperature zone uses silicon bricks with excellent high temperature creep resistance, the middle temperature zone uses andalusite bricks and low creep clay bricks, and the low temperature zone uses high density clay bricks.

This optimized configuration of the fire material is compatible with the heat transfer characteristics of the top-fired hot blast stove, which can improve the economical and rational function of the refractory material and reduce the engineering investment.


In the height direction of the regenerator, according to the temperature distribution of the regenerator, the working environment and the characteristics of the refractory material, five sets of lattice bricks of different materials are arranged from top to bottom. The high temperature zone of the regenerator is made of silica brick with excellent high temperature volume stability, creep resistance and corrosion resistance. The high temperature zone adopts silicon brick, and its working temperature range is controlled at 800~1420 °C, which can effectively prevent the phase change damage caused by the drastic change of the temperature of the silica brick; the second section is the andalusite brick; the third section is the low creep clay brick. The second and third sections of the checker brick are in the transition zone between the high temperature zone and the low temperature zone of the regenerator, and the temperature changes are sensitive. Therefore, the andalusite bricks and the low creep clay bricks with excellent thermal shock resistance are used; the fourth section is in the heat storage. In the low temperature zone, high-density clay bricks are used to increase the heat storage of the hot blast stove; in the fifth section, low-creep clay bricks with high compressive strength, creep resistance and thermal shock resistance are used.

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