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Measures For Prolonging The Service Life Of Furnace Shaft Lining In Submerged Arc Furnace
Dec 24, 2018

The furnace eye of the ore furnace is the most severe part of the lining material loss during the smelting process. In the previous production cases, the main reasons for the damage caused by the low-carbon manganese-silicon alloy production furnace lining are: (1) high-temperature molten iron And erosion and erosion of slag; (2) Oxidation and erosion of high-temperature carbon bricks after formation of water vapor by cooling water in cement ball and furnace eye repair process; (3) Water leakage equipment above the furnace is seriously leaking wet material or furnace eye When the brick is at a high temperature, water vapor is generated to oxidize and erode the furnace eye brick. The following measures for maintaining the service life of the low carbon manganese silicon alloy furnace eye lining are proposed.

1. Use refractory materials with excellent performance

For the production characteristics of low-carbon manganese-silicon alloy, it is one of the preferred measures to use refractory materials resistant to high temperature, high temperature slag and molten iron in the construction of furnace eyes.

Semi-graphite carbon bricks, graphite-silicon carbide bricks, silicon nitride-silicon carbide bricks, etc. all have the advantages of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, good compression and flexural strength, strong resistance to slag erosion, etc., and are ideal as furnace masonry materials. .

Due to the difference in production process and ratio, graphite-silicon carbide bricks and silicon nitride-silicon carbide bricks are more expensive than semi-graphite carbon bricks. When the overall life of the lining is not high and the related supporting facilities are not perfect, Semi-graphite carbon bricks with good cost performance should be used; high-quality graphite-silicon carbide bricks, silicon nitride-carbonization should be used when the overall life of the furnace lining is high, the relevant supporting facilities and equipment are well matched, and the production can be continuously carried out. Silicon bricks to further improve the continuous service life of the furnace lining, so that the overall production cost continues to be low, and the benefits are maximized.

Domestic high-silicon (low-carbon) manganese-silicon alloy ore furnaces use silicon nitride-silicon carbide bricks to build furnace eyes, and the service life of furnace eyes is more obvious.

2, combined with the opening of the furnace eye machine to promote the use of cement-free balls

In view of the erosion caused by the water vapor generated by the cement ball in the process of plugging the eye, the application of the cement ball in the iron alloy ore furnace has been gradually paid attention to.

The cement-free ball introduces the concept of the waterless mud of the iron-making blast furnace, and the coal tar, refractory mud and dried powder coke with water removal are stirred into a group at a certain ratio to obtain a cement-free ball, and the pressure of the machine is opened. Pushing the cement-free ball into the depth of the furnace to achieve deep smelting operation, avoiding the immersion erosion of molten iron and slag on the furnace eye during the smelting process, and the carbonaceous material in the mud ball sticking during the volatilization of coal tar volatiles Filling the seam with the inner wall of the furnace eye serves to repair the furnace eye.

The application of opening the furnace eye machine and the cement-free ball has been promoted and applied in some large-scale ferroalloy ore furnaces in China, and the effect of extending the service life of the furnace eye is obvious, and the operation intensity of the smelter to open the furnace eye is obviously reduced.

3. Strengthen furnace material drying and water cooling equipment management

Strengthen the drying management of the charge, and prevent the high-moisture charge from entering the furnace to participate in the smelting. Strengthen the management of water-cooled equipment, prevent the water-cooling equipment above the furnace from leaking, or prevent the water from entering the furnace eye after the iron-out time, causing the furnace eye brick to be affected by the high-temperature oxidation of water vapor. Under the condition of preheating, the furnace material is preheated and then put into the furnace to realize the operation of the waterless smelting process.

In the domestic production of high-carbon ferromanganese, the rotary kiln is used to dry the charge and then sent to the furnace through the thermal insulation distribution system for smelting. The furnace condition is very stable, and the furnace eye is opened and the furnace is closed. Cement ball, furnace life extension effect is obvious, and received good economic benefits.

4, avoid using the water shower eye brick way to repair the furnace eye

In the production process, the maintenance of the furnace eye, in order to be able to quickly complete the repair task, directly spray the furnace eye brick with water, so that the maintenance work can be done well in a short period of time. However, from a long-term perspective, this method will cause water vapor oxidation and erosion of the furnace eye bricks, which is not conducive to the life extension of the furnace eye. The furnace eye that is often repaired by water is easy to be damaged during the subsequent use, so it should be avoided to use the cooling method of the water-washing eye brick for maintenance.

to sum up 

After the above improvement measures, the furnace of the submerged arc furnace can effectively delay the loss of the furnace lining, thereby prolonging the service life of the furnace lining.

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