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Measures For Extending The Service Life Of Refractory Lining In Glass Kiln
Jan 02, 2019

Extending the service life of refractory materials for glass kiln, that is, extending the kiln age of the kiln, can improve the medium-term melting rate of the kiln, reduce the non-production time of the kiln and the cost of repairing the kiln, thereby increasing the output value and efficiency of the factory. It should be considered from the following links.

(1) In the initial design of the glass kiln lining, the structure and material selection should be carefully and reasonably designed according to the thermal principle and design principle, especially paying attention to avoiding or reducing the erosion of the flame. For example, the chest wall should try to avoid the ejection. The scouring of the flame, the top of the small furnace mouth and the top of the regenerator should prevent the tempering from scouring. The holes in the kiln should prevent the overflow of the flame; properly reduce the thermal intensity of the flame space, reduce the temperature of the inner surface of the kiln; Rinse, such as to minimize horizontal seams, to avoid local overheating. Do not have eddy currents or dead angles in the smoke stroke to avoid local overheating and burn the kiln.

(2) The construction process should comply with the construction rules and masonry requirements to ensure the construction quality. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the careful selection of bricks. If there are cracks in the corners, try not to use them. Try to process the surface of the bricks that are in contact with the flame or glass. Avoid damage to bricks during masonry.

(3) According to the heating curve and feeding plan of the roasting kiln, it should be put into production safely and quickly. Pay attention to several key temperature sections, and heat up carefully to prevent refractory masonry deformation, brick cracking or falling off; basic guarantee of masonry energy Free expansion, timely adjustment of the brace to avoid deformation of the refractory masonry or deformation of the steel structure; excessive fire should be especially careful to prevent the temperature from rising too fast.

(4) Operational procedures and post responsibility system shall be implemented during the operation. Strictly maintain the normal operation system of the kiln, such as temperature system, pressure system, liquid level system, atmosphere system, etc., and must not exceed the allowable fluctuation range; often check for erosion, blockage and leakage, especially weak parts, such as feeding The mouth, the fluid hole, the squirting hole, the surface of the liquid surface, the upper lattice, the flue, etc., to find problems in time; strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the kiln body vulnerable parts (such as the liquid level at the pool wall, fluid hole, spray The crater, the feeding port, etc. need to be blown by cold air cooling, thermal instrumentation (regular inspection, so that the measured data is accurate and reliable); the hot repairable parts are as hot as possible.

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