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Masonry Of Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Dec 10, 2018

One is to apply blankets layer by layer, then rivet them with bolts, use high temperature resistant metal bolts at 1200 C, and use ceramic riveting parts above 1200 C. The end close to the heat source is filled with bulk fibers and hot-resistant cement. The advantage of using this ceramic riveted joint is that it can prevent fibre braiding caused by carbon deposition.

Another method is to use prefabricated assemblies, even prefabricated parts stacked with ceramic fiber blankets or prefabricated parts folded into accordion-like ones with a width of 305 mm. Comparing the two methods, we can see that the second method is more efficient in energy saving, but the cost is also higher. It should be noted that when the temperature rises, the joints made of fibre prefabricated parts need flexible fibre mosaic. Prefabricated assemblies are easy to install and repair, and only the damaged parts need to be replaced. With regard to thermal efficiency, layer-by-layer coating is superior to prefabricated components. Because the fibre direction of the former is perpendicular to the heat flow, and the fibre direction of the stacked prefabricated assembly is parallel to the heat flow, the difference between the two is 20-40%. For example, the prefabricated assembly with accordion-like folding is between the two. The fibre direction of the former is parallel and vertical to the heat flow, so the effect is obviously good.

Ceramic fiber blanket is suitable for lining of kiln, which can greatly improve energy saving efficiency. Organic adhesives are commonly used to make fibre rolls into tubular or sheet fabrics. After the kiln inner wall is built with high temperature lightweight refractory bricks, it can be used as refractory felt pasted into lining. After firing, the fiber felt or board forms a certain rigidity and has satisfactory recovery ability. When cooled, it can rebound to make the joint tighten.

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