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Maintenance Of Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Dec 14, 2018

In the life of ceramic fiber blanket, its maintenance is very important. As a high quality refractory and heat insulation material, it is deeply trusted by everyone. Now I will introduce its maintenance knowledge for you. Ceramic fiber products, which are made of ceramic fibers, are ideal thermal insulation products in the industrial field. It is characterized by low thermal conductivity, light weight, good chemical stability and no need to bake after installation.

Maintenance of Ceramic Fibers

1. It is not allowed to be used at excessive temperature, which has an important influence on the tensile strength of ceramic fiber blankets.

2. Don't sprinkle water, and don't collide with man-made or machine. Otherwise, it will seriously affect the impact resistance of ceramic fibers.

3. Protect the non-breakable property of the fiber module. The surface of the fiber module is not damaged, its integrity and heat preservation are better. The service life of the module is longer than that of the blanket made of short fibers injected with high aluminium.

4. The surface of the cured ceramic fiber blanket becomes ceramic hard shell, which improves the corrosion resistance of the fiber lining and the shape of the lining. It usually needs regular maintenance, usually once a year.

I believe that you have learned a few points in the process of maintenance of ceramic fiber blankets, hoping to help you in daily use. It has been applied more and more widely in China, and its development prospects are very promising. If you have any questions, you are welcome to come to discuss, we are dedicated to provide you with quality services.

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