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How To Choose The Wear-resistant Castable In The CFB Boiler, How To Use It?
Dec 17, 2018

Circulating fluidized bed boiler is the most important thermal equipment in modern thermal power plants (referred to as CFB boiler). The selection of lining materials for CFB boilers is based on the principle of fire resistance, wear resistance and heat preservation. According to the working conditions of different parts, The materials used are also different. Below we illustrate with a cyclone separator.


1, the choice of materials

The working conditions of the cyclone separator cylinder and the vertebral body are very bad, and its main function is to separate carbon particles and ash particles in the flue gas. In operation, these particles are very fast and cause a large degree of friction on the liner. Therefore, in the selection of refractory materials, lightweight insulation bricks are used internally, and the surface is made of high-strength wear-resistant castables;

2. Construction of materials

The construction method of lightweight insulation bricks is no longer said. Here we mainly say that there are some problems in the construction of high-strength wear-resistant castables:

1) The construction water must be clean domestic water, and the water consumption is between 6% and 8%;

2) The castable must use a forced mixer when stirring. The tool must be cleaned before mixing. The material should be dry mixed for about 15 minutes before adding water, and the mixing must be uniform.

3) The casting body is to be reinforced by the nail, and the nail is preheated before installation.

4) Each batch of materials must be used within 30 minutes after mixing. The thickness of the design should be reached once during pouring, and it should be vibrated and compacted after pouring.

5) Demoulding must be carried out 24 hours after the completion of the casting, and natural preservation of not less than 3 days is required.


3, drying

Refractory is the key to the safe and stable operation of CFB boilers, and the quality of the furnace is directly related to the refractory material can achieve the expected performance and long-term safe operation of the boiler. The oven process is carried out after the entire boiler is completed, and is mainly divided into a medium-low temperature stage and a high temperature stage. When the oven is concerned, it should be noted that the flame should be in the middle of the combustion chamber, strictly in accordance with the established heating curve, and the heating rate should not be blindly accelerated. And always pay attention to the expansion reaction of the furnace lining refractory, check the exhaust of the separator vent.

In many years of construction practice, it has been found that the problem of refractory materials for CFB boilers is mostly on wear-resistant castables. According to the wear and erosion mechanism of various parts of the boiler, high-quality materials can be selected in combination with professional construction and drying. Superior performance.

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