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How Should The Refractory Spray Coating Construction Project Be Accepted?
Jan 14, 2019

Refractory spray coating is an amorphous refractory material that is mechanically sprayed using pneumatic tools. The classification of refractory spray coatings is mainly distinguished by their materials, such as clay spray paint, corundum spray paint, magnesium spray paint, mullite spray paint and the like. The refractory spray coating is convenient to construct and does not need to support the formwork. It is more and more popular in the new kiln and maintenance kiln, especially in the application of the hot repair lining, the refractory spray paint shows its construction advantages.


There are three kinds of construction methods: dry method, semi-dry method and wet method. The acceptance of construction project quality and the national standard also have clear specifications, as follows:

First, the main control project

1. The varieties and grades of refractory spray coatings should meet the design requirements.

Inspection method: check the quality certificate, product instruction manual, expiration date and inspection report.

2. The metering, mixing, curing and construction joint treatment of refractory spray coatings shall comply with the provisions of the product instruction manual and shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standard “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Industrial Furnace Masonry Engineering” GB50211.

Inspection method: observation inspection, inspection construction record.

3. The retention of the metal support should meet the design requirements and the welding should be firm.

Inspection method: observation inspection, hammer inspection.

Second, the general project

1. The surface of the lining of the refractory spray coating should be flat, and the coarse and fine particles should be evenly distributed; the material should be dense and there should be no defects such as interlayers and voids.

Number of inspections: According to the provisions of Article 7 of GB 50309-2017 Industrial Furnace Masonry Quality Acceptance Standards.

Inspection method: observation inspection, sniper inspection, inspection construction record.

The construction of refractory spray coatings is very professional and requires skilled workers. Therefore, in the process of acceptance, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the appeal rules to ensure the normal operation of the subsequent kiln.

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