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How Should The Refractory Bricks In The Glass Melting Furnace Be Built?
Feb 13, 2019

In the glass melting furnace, the big raft can be said to be one of the most important parts of the whole kiln, and its own quality is related to the operating cycle of the entire kiln. Therefore, the construction quality and product quality of this part are particularly important. In the selection of refractory bricks, the most widely used ones are zirconium corundum bricks or super-grade silica bricks. Both refractory bricks can meet the long-term ultra-high temperature working conditions of the part according to their high temperature performance.

At present, the span of domestic glass melting furnaces is very large, and the total weight of the refractory bricks used is also large, so there is a certain difficulty in the construction process.

Before the masonry, the large arched tires will be set up, and the arch tires will be made according to the drawings. Before the construction, the erection will be carried out according to the elevation. After the erection is completed, it can be put into use.

Check the elevation and net size of the large raft support before the masonry. The support of the large arched tires shall be ensured to have sufficient rigidity and strength, and special support shall be adopted to ensure that the horizontal position of the arched tires shall be pre-arranged before the pre-building of the vaulted bricks in order to determine the number of bricks to be added at the joint door. Can be built. In the masonry, the size of the gray seam and the fullness of the mortar should be strictly controlled.

After the masonry is completed, the tensioning bar should be carried out before the masonry mud is dry, the work of the vault should be lifted, the tire frame and the vault should be disengaged, the arch tire can be removed after inspection, and the vaulted working surface can be carried out by using the full scaffolding Jointly to ensure the tightness of the bricks and completely remove the dirt.

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