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Defects Of Traditional Magnesia Lining Ferronickel Furnace
Dec 20, 2018

The concept of lining of nickel-iron smelting and heat preservation method is to require the refractory material of the lining to have low thermal conductivity. The main purpose is to use magnesia lining, the bottom of the furnace is made of magnesia brick or magnesia chrome brick + magnesia ramming material, the furnace is made of magnesia brick, slag, Magnesia chrome bricks are used in the iron mouth area.

The lining structure has a large thickness and a large amount of use, mainly relying on the corrosion resistance of the magnesium refractory material. The development trend of the modern ferronickel electric furnace is to increase the smelting temperature of the reaction zone and improve the productivity, because the magnesium brick is working under high temperature for a long time, work The conditions are close to or exceed the range of performance of the magnesia material. Over time, the magnesia bricks are slowly eroded, especially the daily maintenance of the taphole and the slag tapping, frequent maintenance, often causing running iron The lining phenomenon of this structure is only about one year on the ferronickel furnace.

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