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Configuration And Construction Essentials Of Refractory Materials For Copper Smelting Converter
Jan 14, 2019

The horizontal alkaline converter is referred to as the PS converter. Because of its simple process, easy operation and high efficiency, it is widely used in copper production in countries all over the world.

The use of the refractory lining in the PS converter directly affects the operation of the converter, so its consumption is large. The PS converter lining is mainly magnesium chrome refractory. The vulnerable parts of the lining are mainly the tuyere and tuyere area, the furnace mouth and the end wall. Especially in the tuyere and tuyere area, the most demanding conditions are also the most vulnerable parts. In order to improve the top of the converter, it is recommended to use electrofusion and magnesium chrome bricks. The specific material configuration can be seen in Figure 1.


In the construction process of PS converter furnace lining refractory materials, the following points must be noted:

(1) The bricks at the mouth of the furnace should be staggered, and the processing quality and masonry quality of the bricks at the intersection of the bricks and the cylinders at the mouth of the furnace should be ensured.

(2) Wet construction, brick joint control 1.0~1.5mm, dry construction, brick joint control 0.5~1.0mm.

(3) The bricks in the simplified circumferential direction should be staggered, the bricks of each ring should be staggered, and finally one brick should be tightened.

(4) The magnesia filler in the cylindrical part should be stuffed with a filler at the side of the shed.

(5) When the masonry needs to be processed, the brick should be leveled. The brick thickness of the processed brick should not be less than 2/3 of the thickness of the brick. If necessary, 2 bricks should be processed.

(6) Length of the cylinder D-3 bricks are inserted into one 3mm cardboard every two bricks, and three bricks are inserted into one 3mm thick cardboard.

(7) Insert a piece of 2 mm thick cardboard every 8 bricks in the circumferential direction of the cylinder.

(8) The horizontal wall of the end wall is divided into 3 pieces of 3mm cardboard, and 4 pieces of 3mm cardboard are placed on the upper and lower walls.

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