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Classification Of Refractory Bricks By Size And Shape
Jan 03, 2019

Whether the size of the refractory brick meets the tolerance range is the key indicator of whether the quality of the refractory brick is good or bad. Studies have shown that strictly controlling the outer dimensions of the refractory brick is certainly beneficial to the masonry stability of the kiln, and ultimately affects and determines The service life of the kiln.

First, refractory brick shape type

When selecting the shape of the refractory brick, designing its dimensions and calculating the refractory brickwork, it directly relates to the category of refractory bricks with a certain shape and specific size. For the sake of discussion, refractory bricks are classified by shape and size.

According to the complexity of shape and size, refractory bricks have been divided into general, special and special types. Only the general refractory bricks incorporating the standard are discussed here. According to the shape, the refractory bricks are divided into straight bricks, wedge bricks and arch bricks. The so-called straight brick is a straight parallelepiped composed of three dimensions of length a, width b and thickness c, also called "rectangular brick". The dimensions of straight bricks are customarily expressed as a x b xc. Straight bricks according to use are divided into straight bricks for walls, straight bricks for staggered seams, and straight bricks for radial bricks.

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