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Application Of High Strength Wear-resistant Refractory Castable In Cement Kiln
Dec 18, 2018

In the production of new dry-process cement rotary kiln, high-wearing parts such as the three-way duct bend and the grate cooler have to withstand high-temperature alkali corrosion of about 1200 °C and continuous high-speed three-stream airflow, which is very easy to damage. The traditional lining mainly adopts the combined construction structure of wear-resistant brick and mullite corundum castable, but it can only last for more than half a year. Here, high-strength wear-resistant refractory castables are strongly recommended.

Ultra high strength wear resistant castable properties

First, the performance of high-strength wear-resistant refractory castables

High-strength wear-resistant refractory castables are filled with high-strength refractory raw materials such as corundum and silicon carbide, which make the castables have high density, low porosity, high strength, high refractoriness, high wear resistance, erosion resistance and overall integrity. specialty.

Ultra high strength wear resistant castable properties

Second, the application of high-strength wear-resistant refractory castables

The high-strength wear-resistant refractory castable can be used in the high-wear parts such as the tertiary air duct elbow of the new dry-process cement kiln, the throat of the grate cooler, and the exhaust port of the waste heat power generation. As we all know, corundum and silicon carbide have very strong wear resistance, high strength, and high wear-resisting castables with fine powder, cement and chemical agent. The lining constructed by the castable material generates a firm and reliable combination after high temperature, and can effectively prevent the intrusion of the kiln material and the strong scouring of high temperature gas and dust.

Conclusion: High-strength wear-resistant refractory castables in construction, high-strength wear-resistant castables can be cast-in-placed, or can be constructed in the form of more advanced prefabricated parts. The castables have achieved good results in the production lines of large cement groups such as China Resources and Conch. It uses far more castables than other materials and has a life span of more than 3 years.

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