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After The Completion Of The Calcium Carbide Furnace Lining, What Materials Are Required For Project Acceptance?
Jan 10, 2019

After the completion of the lining of the calcium carbide furnace, the engineering design documents and the contents agreed in the contract shall be completed in accordance with the relevant national construction engineering standards and standards. The construction unit has obtained the construction quality of the project issued by the relevant competent government (or its entrusted organization). After the acceptance documents for fire protection, planning, environmental protection, urban construction, etc., or the use of the documents, the project completion acceptance shall be completed and the “Construction Project Completion Acceptance Report” shall be completed. According to the specifications of masonry masonry technical conditions, the following steps and materials are mainly required.


1 The acceptance of the project shall be checked and accepted according to the technical conditions.

2 When the project is accepted, the construction unit shall provide the following information:

1) Delivery acceptance certificate;

2) Start-up and completion report;

3) Measurement data of main parts of calcium carbide furnace, measurement records of brick joints;

4) Material quality certification materials, including quality certificates for various materials, laboratory re-examination reports, mud configuration records, refractory castable configuration records and inspection reports;

5) As-built drawings, simple design changes are marked on the construction drawings as as-built drawings, and major and complex design changes are required to re-deliver the as-built drawings;

6) Processing data on project quality issues;

7) Process transfer certificate:

1 The measurement record of the center line of the calcium carbide furnace and the control standard height and the measurement records of the necessary settlement observation points;

2 re-measurement record of the installation position of the calcium carbide furnace shell;

3 calcium carbide furnace shell manufacturing acceptance record;

4 Acceptance records of concealed works;

5 Protection requirements for the results of the previous process.

3. After the construction of the calcium carbide furnace lining is completed, the acceptance and oven should be organized in time. If the furnace cannot be ovened in time, corresponding protective measures should be taken.

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