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Acceptance Standards For Construction Quality Of Refractory Materials In Tunnel Kiln, Roller Kiln Kiln Roof And Arch
Jan 18, 2019

Tunnel kiln and roller kiln are important firing equipment in the production of ceramic products. They are mainly made of refractory materials. The construction quality of the material is the most critical factor of the whole furnace age. Therefore, after the completion of construction masonry The acceptance items must conform to the industry's standard specifications. The following are examples of kiln kiln roofs and arches. After completion, the construction quality needs to be checked and accepted mainly in the following aspects.

First, the main control project

1. The varieties and grades of refractory materials and products shall comply with the provisions of Article 3.2.1 of CECS 384:2014; the varieties, grades and consistency of refractory muds shall comply with the provisions of Article 3.2.2 of CECS 384:2014.

2. The fullness of the mud of the masonry brick joint should be greater than 90%.

Number of inspections: 2 to 4 inspections per section.

Inspection method: Performed in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.2.3 of CECS 384:2014.

3. The arched bricks should be close to the arched beams. There should be no cracks in the main force-receiving parts of the hanging bricks, and there should be no obvious cracks in the remaining parts.

Inspection method: observation inspection. The crack inspection shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard "Inspection Method for Dimensions, Appearance and Section of Shaped Refractory Products" GB/T10326.

Second, the general project

1. The thickness of the brick joint of the general ceramic industrial kiln arch masonry should meet the requirements of Table 1. Check the number: check 2 to 4 places according to the top position of the arch.

Inspection method: 10 points on the 5m2 surface of each masonry, 10 points less than the specified brick joint thickness, no more than 4 points for Class II masonry, and no more than 5 points for Class III masonry.

2. The allowable deviation and inspection method for the general ceramic industrial kiln arch masonry shall comply with the requirements of Table 2.

3. The masonry of the vault should meet the following requirements:

1) The longitudinal bricks of the staggered vault should be straight and parallel to the longitudinal centerline;

2) The inner surface of the dome should be flat and the wrong teeth should not exceed 3mm.

Check the number: check the 3 columns ~ 5 columns for the wrong masonry. The wrong teeth are checked by the vault at 2 to 4 places, each at 5 m2.

Inspection method: cable inspection, observation inspection, feeler gauge inspection, inspection construction record.

4. Hanging vaults or flat-top masonry shall comply with the following requirements:

1) The inner surface should be flat and the wrong teeth should not exceed 3mm;

2) Hanging bricks or hanging bolsters should be arranged evenly and neatly.

Check the number: wrong teeth according to the vault check 2 ~ 4, each 5m2; hanging bricks or hanging pads each check 3 columns (rings) ~ 5 columns (rings).

Inspection method: ruler inspection, observation inspection, inspection construction record.

5. The structure of the expansion joint and the insulation layer of the vault masonry shall comply with the provisions of Article 3.3.8 of CECS 384:2014.

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