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Acceptance Criteria For Refractory Masonry Quality Of Ceramic Industrial Furnace Chimneys And Flue Parts
Jan 18, 2019

In the ceramic production process, there are many types of thermal furnaces, such as tunnel kiln and roller kiln. After the completion of construction refractory for lining, the acceptance project must meet the standard specifications of the composite industry. For example, furnace chimneys and flue pipes, after completion, the construction quality needs to be checked and accepted mainly in the following aspects.

First, the main control project

The varieties and grades of refractory materials and products shall comply with the design requirements and the relevant national standards.

Inspection method: observation inspection, inspection quality certificate or inspection report.

The varieties and grades of refractory mud should meet the design requirements. The consistency of the mud should be compatible with the type of masonry. The mud of different consistency and its applicable masonry category should meet the requirements of Table 1.

Inspection method: observation inspection, inspection of quality certificate or inspection report, inspection of mud test record.

The mud fullness of refractory masonry brick joints should be greater than 90%; the mortar fullness of external ordinary clay brick masonry brick joints should be greater than 80%.

Inspection quantity: The chimney is inspected once every 1.25m high, and 2 to 4 places are inspected each time; the total flue is inspected once every 5m, and 2 to 4 places are inspected each time.

Inspection method: Check the bonding area between the brick surface and the mud with a hundred grid, and draw 3 bricks at each place, and take the average value.

Second, the general project

The allowable deviation and test method for the foundation of the underground flue of the kiln shall comply with the requirements of Table 2.

3.2.5 The allowable deviation and inspection method of the flue masonry shall comply with the provisions of Table 3.

The allowable deviation of the relative elevation of the total flue, the flue, the exhaust hole and the chimney shall be ±5 mm.

Number of inspections: 1 hole for each sub-project.

Inspection method: level inspection, ruler inspection.

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