Monolithics And Castables

  • Gunning Castables

    It is constructed by mechanical spraying method and is suitable for the refractory material of blast furnace lining maintenance.
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  • Plastic Castables

    A refractory material that has good plasticity and can be applied by a beating method. A clay material with certain plasticity applied by tamping or extrusion.
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  • Insulating Castables

    The lightweight castable is made of aluminate cement, high alumina fines, ceramsite, plus a number of additives. The product has light weight, high compressive strength, acid and acid gas corrosion.
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  • Low Cement Castables

    In the refractory castable combined with calcium aluminate cement, the castable with CaO content less than 2.5%, that is, the calcium aluminate cement is added in an amount of about 1/2 to 1/3 of the castable of the ordinary calcium aluminate cement castable.
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  • High Alumina Castables

    High Alumina castables are mixed by high quality bauxite, mullite, andalusite or Corundum as aggregate, Silica Powder, α-alumina powder as micro powder, refractory cement as binder, also some additive to make better performance. Comparing to conventional dense castables, high...
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  • Conventional Dense Castables

    As a new type of refractory material, castable is mainly characterized by high fluidity and is suitable for unshaped refractory materials formed by casting.
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Granular and powdered materials made of refractory materials and combined with a certain amount of binder and water. With high fluidity, the amorphous refractory which can be hardened without heating can be constructed by pouring.

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