950 Microporous Board

950 Microporous Board

TG nanoporous super insulation blanket is made of nano-host material, which is compounded by special process. It has low thermal conductivity (0.018W/(m/K), 25°C), high temperature resistance (up to 1300°C) and low density. High compressive strength, waterproof, super thermal insulation, green environmental protection and many other superior properties, and at the same time have superior sound insulation and shock absorption performance, can replace such as glass fiber, asbestos, aluminum silicate fiber and other poor insulation performance, high energy consumption, And products that are harmful to the human body and the environment. The stove is grilled for a long time, and the heat protection of the flowers and fish is safe and sound....

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950 Microporous Board is a new material made with the latest high-tech technology. Special inorganic refractory powder forms tiny super pores with a thermal conductivity smaller than static air. At high temperature, the heat insulation performance is 3 ~ 4 times better than traditional fiber insulation materials, and it is the best heat insulation material so far.

Insulation is the best and sometimes even the only option on space - and weight-limited high - temperature equipment. Abroad has been widely used in a variety of complex thermal equipment to solve many of the world's thermal insulation problems

The product form is plate-like, can provide PE plastic film, aluminum foil, fiber cloth and other forms of protective layer materials.

Gute energy-saving nano-microplates currently have the best thermal insulation materials in the world, and their thermal insulation performance is 3 to 4 times better than traditional fiber-based insulation materials.

On high-temperature equipment where space is strictly limited, Good Energy's energy-saving nano-scale microplate is the only choice. It is widely used in a variety of complex thermal equipment to solve many of the world's thermal insulation problems.

Gute energy-saving nano-microporous insulation material uses a special nano-scale inorganic refractory powder with a large specific surface area. The contact between the nanoparticles is a very small point contact, and the thermal resistance of the point contact is very large, so that the material is conducted. The heat transfer effect becomes very small, resulting in a very small heat transfer coefficient of the Gut energy-saving nano-scale microporous insulation material; a large number of nano-scale pores are formed between the nanoparticles, and the size is on average at 20 nm, while the molecules of still air The average free motion free path at room temperature is 60 nanometers, so that the air molecules are locked in the nanopores of the powder, so that the small convective heat transfer between the stationary air molecules disappears, so the energy-saving nano-microporous separation The thermal conductivity of thermal materials is lower than that of static air; at high temperatures, the main function of heat transfer is heat radiation. Gute energy-saving nanoporous insulation adds special infrared additives to block and reflect infrared at high temperatures. The ray reduces the heat transfer of radiation to a minimum, so that the radiation heat transfer coefficient at the high temperature of the material is reduced to a minimum.

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