950 Microporous Flex

950 Microporous Flex

TG nanoporous super insulation blanket is made of nano-host material, which is compounded by special process. It has low thermal conductivity (0.018W/(m/K), 25°C), high temperature resistance (up to 1300°C) and low density. High compressive strength, waterproof, super thermal insulation, green environmental protection and many other superior properties, and at the same time have superior sound insulation and shock absorption performance, can replace such as glass fiber, asbestos, aluminum silicate fiber and other poor insulation performance, high energy consumption, And products that are harmful to the human body and the environment. The stove is grilled for a long time, and the heat protection of the flowers and fish is safe and sound....

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950  Microporous Flex The special inorganic refractory nanometer powder is adopted and the new product is manufactured by the latest nanometer technology. The thermal conductivity of the product is smaller than that of static air. At high temperature, its thermal insulation performance is three to four times better than that of traditional fibrous insulation materials, which is the best material for thermal insulation performance at present.

In space and weight limited high temperature equipment, the type 950 nano-insulator is the best choice, has been widely used in a variety of complex thermal equipment, and solved many worldwide heat insulation problems

Specification: 1000 * 500/500 * 500 mm

Product thickness can be processed according to customer requirements

Packaging: the product is in the form of plate, which can provide PE heat-shrinkable film, aluminum foil, non-woven cloth, fiber cloth and other forms of protective layer materials.

Application: high temperature kiln: ceramics, petrochemical, metallurgy

Non-ferrous industry: smelters, electrolytic cells, thermal insulation furnace

Heat pipe

Home appliances: electric furnace, energy storage electric heaters

Aerospace: airplanes, spaceships

Metallurgical industry

Electronics, batteries: electrical appliances, fuel cells

Transportation: automobile, ship, motor vehicle, special vehicle

Building fire protection

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