Mullite Firebrick

Mullite Firebrick

Lightweight bricks generally refer to foamed bricks. Normal indoor partition walls use such bricks to effectively reduce the load on the floor and the sound insulation effect is good. The high-strength plate-shaped corundum and mullite are used as the aggregate, and the sillimanite is used as the matrix. The special additive and a small amount of rare earth oxide are mixed, and the high-pressure molding and high-temperature sintering are carried out....

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High-temperature mullite heat-insulating brick is the latest energy-saving refractory material developed by our company. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity, small energy saving effect, and is suitable for petroleum cracking furnace and metallurgical hot blast stove. Ceramic roller kiln, tunnel kiln, electric porcelain drawer kiln, glass kiln and various electric furnace linings can be directly contacted with flame, tested and used by relevant technical supervision departments, and the products have reached the technical indicators of similar foreign products. Mullite, sintered steel jade brick, zircon brick, silicon carbide product, each corundum mullite is a high-quality refractory raw material, mullite expands evenly, thermal shock stability is excellent, load softening point is high, high temperature The creep value is small, the hardness is large, and the chemical corrosion resistance is good.

Our company produces multiple grades of mullite lightweight insulation bricks according to different operating temperatures. The temperature range is from 1100C to 1650C. The ratio of each product is specially designed to meet different thermal and physical requirements. It has: high purity, low impurity content; high temperature resistance, direct contact with flame, resistance to various atmosphere corrosion; low thermal conductivity, low hot melt; high strength, and excellent thermal shock resistance; high dimensional accuracy, can be cut freely.

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