IFB 23

IFB 23

Lightweight bricks generally refer to foamed bricks. Normal indoor partition walls use such bricks to effectively reduce the load on the floor and the sound insulation effect is good. The high-strength plate-shaped corundum and mullite are used as the aggregate, and the sillimanite is used as the matrix. The special additive and a small amount of rare earth oxide are mixed, and the mixture is formed by high pressure molding and high temperature....

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A high alumina refractory material with mullite (3Al2O3·2SiO2) as the main phase. Generally, the alumina content is between 65% and 75%. In addition to mullite, the mineral composition contains a small amount of glass phase and cristobalite, and a higher amount of alumina also contains a small amount of corundum. High refractoriness, up to 1790 °C. The load softening start temperature is 1600 to 1700 °C. Normal temperature compressive strength is 70 to 260 MPa. Good thermal shock resistance.

Mullite brick classification

There are two kinds of sintered mullite bricks and electric fused mullite bricks. The sintered mullite brick is made of high alumina bauxite clinker as a main raw material, and a small amount of clay or raw bauxite is added as a binder, which is formed by molding and firing. The electric melting mullite brick is made of high alumina, industrial alumina and refractory clay, and is added with charcoal or coke fine particles as a reducing agent, and is formed by reduction electrofusion after molding. The crystal of fused mullite is larger than sintered mullite, and the thermal shock resistance is better than that of sintered products. Their high temperature performance depends mainly on the alumina content and the uniformity of the mullite phase and glass distribution. Mainly used in hot stove top, blast furnace body and furnace bottom, glass furnace regenerator, ceramic sintering kiln, oil cracking system dead angle lining.

The mullite brick is made of high-quality high-purity refractory powder. According to the specific gravity of the product, the organic composite filler is added, and the light-weight mullite product synthesized by high-temperature sintering is formed by vacuum extrusion.

1. Economical: It can reduce the cost of the foundation, reduce the cross section of the frame, and save the reinforced concrete.

Condensate can significantly save the overall cost of the building. The design uses light bricks compared to solid clay bricks, and the overall cost can be reduced by more than 5%.

2。Practicality: the use of lightweight bricks can increase the use of area, and because of the aerated concrete insulation, insulation effect is good, in the hot summer, the indoor temperature is 2-3 ° C lower than the use of solid clay bricks, using air conditioning, lowering Power consumption.

3. Construction: Light brick has good machinability, and the construction is convenient and simple. Due to the large size and light weight, it can reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency and shorten construction period.

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