IFB 28

IFB 28

Lightweight bricks generally refer to foamed bricks. Normal indoor partition walls use such bricks to effectively reduce the load on the floor and the sound insulation effect is good. The high-strength plate-shaped corundum and mullite are used as the aggregate, and the sillimanite is used as the matrix. The special additive and a small amount of rare earth oxide are mixed, and the mixture is formed by high pressure molding and high temperature....

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What are the advantages of lightweight bricks?

1, insulation

When used as an exterior wall decoration structure, lightweight bricks can meet the requirements of thermal insulation and energy saving without the use of auxiliary insulation materials, providing a comfortable and comfortable living environment for family living.

2, impermeability

The internal structure of the lightweight brick is even, which can effectively prevent the water from spreading. If the exterior decoration is painted by the exterior wall, the impermeability is 85% higher than that of the sintered clay red brick masonry.

3, fire prevention

The lightweight brick has good fireproof performance, and the wall fireproof capacity of 100m thickness can reach more than 4 hours, which can be used for firewall engineering;

4, sound insulation

Lightweight bricks can achieve a sound insulation of 30-50 decibels with good sound absorbing materials.

Use of lightweight bricks

Lightweight bricks are widely used and have a strong heat-proof effect. Even in the hot summer, they can effectively isolate the outdoor high temperature, which can reduce the building's own weight during use, and at the same time greatly reduce the overall cost of buildings. A lot of use.

Light brick production process

For the production process of lightweight bricks, we may not know very well. In the production of lightweight bricks, fly ash, sand, stone powder, waste slurry, etc. are put into the metering cylinder. After the various materials are metered and matched, the mold is in place. In the case of slurry agitation, the slurry should reach a temperature of about 45 ° C before the casting, such as insufficient temperature to heat the material.

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