Grade 23

Grade 23

Lightweight bricks generally refer to foamed bricks. Normal indoor partition walls use such bricks to effectively reduce the load on the floor and the sound insulation effect is good. The high-strength plate-shaped corundum and mullite are used as the aggregate, and the sillimanite is used as the matrix. The special additive and a small amount of rare earth oxide are mixed, and the mixture is formed by high pressure molding and high temperature....

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Product description

This series of products is the ideal furnace lining and heat insulation material for industrial kiln in metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials, machinery and other industries. It can be used as a thermal insulation layer or as a working layer without being affected by high temperature molten material.

Metallurgy: hot-dip galvanizing furnace, silicon steel processing furnace, blast furnace hot blast stove

Petrochemical: ethylene cracking furnace, hydrogen production furnace, one-stage reforming furnace, sulfur recovery unit

Others: thermal equipment such as roller kiln, shuttle kiln, anti-seepage carbon (nitrogen) furnace

Main features of products

  1. The product has low iron and alkali metal low melting, high temperature and fire resistance, and can effectively resist the influence of reducing atmosphere.

2. Uniform structure, light specific gravity, high compressive strength, good thermal insulation performance, and energy saving.

3. High strength, good volume stability and excellent thermal shock resistance resistance under high temperature conditions.

4. After the product is fired, it is cut and shaped, and the dimensional tolerance is small, which can meet the construction requirements.

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