IFB 26

IFB 26

Lightweight bricks generally refer to foamed bricks. Normal indoor partition walls use such bricks to effectively reduce the load on the floor and the sound insulation effect is good. The high-strength plate-shaped corundum and mullite are used as the aggregate, and the sillimanite is used as the matrix. The special additive and a small amount of rare earth oxide are mixed, and the high-pressure molding and high-temperature sintering are carried out....

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1. Economical: It can reduce the cost of the foundation, reduce the cross section of the frame, and save the reinforced concrete.

Condensate can significantly save the overall cost of the building. The design uses light bricks compared to solid clay bricks, and the overall cost can be reduced by more than 5%.

2, practicality: the use of lightweight bricks can increase the use of area, and because of the aerated concrete insulation, insulation effect is good, in the hot summer, the indoor temperature is 2-3 ° C lower than the use of solid clay bricks, using air conditioning, lowering Power consumption.

3. Construction: Light brick has good machinability, and the construction is convenient and simple. Due to the large size and light weight, it can reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency and shorten construction period.


Strictly control the quality of lightweight brick masonry

Before the on-site wall masonry, the quality of the lightweight brick masonry should be strictly checked, and if necessary, the test can be carried out to ensure that the performance of the lightweight brick meets the relevant requirements. At the same time, this also requires the purchaser to not consider the price issue when purchasing the lightweight bricks, but also consider the quality of the product. It is best to choose large manufacturers with good reputation to order the blocks, and include the product quality assurance in the procurement contract. Before the construction, the material quality inspection will be carried out, and the qualified lightweight bricks can be put into use.

Reasonable design and construction plan

In terms of quality control measures for lightweight masonry construction, QC activities should be carried out in accordance with the drawings design, design standards, construction specifications and local atlases, combined with the construction experience of the enterprise. The connection between the masonry and the truss beam and column is specially strengthened and strengthened, and measures such as waterproofing, heat insulation and sound insulation are applied. When the external wall is plastered, the anti-cracking steel wire mesh is added, and a waterproof layer is added to avoid cracking of the outer wall. And leakage.

Strengthening quality control management of masonry construction

For the lightweight blocks of various materials, special construction plans and technical measures must be formulated, and responsibility should be implemented at all levels, and the technical management of the site management personnel and production workers should be strengthened, the quality inspection should be strictly controlled, and the number of inspections should be increased to effectively avoid light. The quality of the quality of the wall is common. For different blocks, control the water content of the block during the masonry; the tie and anchor tendons should be straightened and leveled into the gray joint; the different blocks should be controlled for different day height; the hollow wall of the hole must be filled Realize the addition of a border to ensure the integrity and stability of the wall.


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