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Why is the boiler cyclone constructed with wear-resistant plastic?
Dec 12, 2018

The circulating fluidized bed boiler is an important thermal equipment of the power plant. The refractory materials used in the boiler are mainly wear-resistant refractory materials. Among them, the wear-resistant plastic is the most ideal wear-resistant material for the cyclone separator.

1. The working condition of the cyclone separator

In the boiler, the main function of the cyclone separator is to use centrifugal action to rotate the dust-containing gas to separate the flue gas and particles in the masonry. The flue gas rises into the flue, the particles sink, and return through the return port. The hearth is reburned.

In this process, the high-speed flow of dust-containing gas causes severe wear on the separator lining, which seriously affects the life cycle of the separator. A layer of wear-resistant plastic is applied to the inner wall of the separator and the inlet. The mitigation of the gas to the separator, wear and tear, to ensure that the separator can operate safely.

2, the advantage of wearing wearable plastic

The use of wear-resistant plastic as the inner lining of the cyclone separator ensures safe operation and prolongs the service life, not only because the wear-resistant plastic has anti-wear characteristics. The main advantages of its use in cyclones are the following:

1) The wear-resistant plastic has extremely high wear resistance and can resist the erosion and wear of the inner wall of the separator due to the high-speed rotation of the particles in the dust-containing gas.

2) The wear-resistant plastic can not be thickly laid in the separator. During the operation of the separator, the falling off of the liner due to material expansion can be reduced.

3) The wear-resistant plastic can be simply constructed without the use of a mold, which avoids the complicated process of demoulding the mold and reduces the labor intensity.

4) The wear-resistant plastic can be easily repaired, and even if it is applied for a long time, the plastic can be partially worn, and the maintenance process is relatively simple.

Wear-resistant plastic construction

3. Problems that should be paid attention to during construction

In the process of wear-resistant plastic construction, it is necessary to pay attention to: 1) The construction temperature is between 5 ° C and 30 ° C. Too low or too high temperature will reduce the material properties. Wear-resistant plastics are combined with liquid chemical binders. The amount of addition should be adjusted according to the change of climate. Too little will accelerate the effect of solidification on the construction. Too much will affect the combination of the material and the inner wall of the separator, which will easily cause shedding. 2) Wear-resistant plastic can be condensed faster. Immediately after the material is evenly mixed, the material that has already condensed can not be reused, so as not to affect the use effect. 3) The mixer should be cleaned before mixing, and no impurities can be mixed during the mixing process to avoid voids after use and affect the use.

to sum up 

The application of wear-resistant plastic in cyclone separator has been widely developed. In domestic large and medium-sized CFB boilers, wear-resistant plastics are indispensable wear-resistant materials, and their superior performance is consistent with the use of units. Praise.

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