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Why is chrome corundum refractory castable ideal for lining of waste gasification melting furnace?
Dec 17, 2018


In the conventional waste melting, chrome corundum bricks are mainly used as the lining. However, with the continuous development of waste melting furnaces, their structures have become more complex. Especially in the case of a thermal decomposition gasification melting furnace, the structure is complicated and irregular. Therefore, chrome corundum refractory castables have gradually become the ideal lining of waste melting furnaces.

1. Characteristics of chrome corundum refractory castable

In terms of performance, chrome corundum refractory bricks and chrome corundum refractory castables also have the following advantages:

1) High temperature resistance; 2) Good corrosion resistance to high temperature slag; 3) Good resistance to permeation; 4) Good thermal shock resistance.

However, unlike chrome corundum bricks, chrome corundum refractory castables have advantages in construction. The chrome corundum refractory castables are arranged with chromium and aluminum content according to different use requirements. The higher the chromium content, the better the corrosion resistance.


2. Working environment of gasification melting furnace

When the gasification melting furnace is working, the temperature in the furnace is above 1500 °C, the atmosphere in the furnace is mainly oxide, the slag contains a large amount of alkali and phosphorus, and the viscosity is very large, and the erosion of the refractory material is very serious. A large amount of high temperature gas flows rapidly in the furnace, causing a great thermal shock to the refractory material.

3. Application of chrome corundum refractory castable on melting furnace

Considering the cost problem, in practical applications, the application configuration of the chrome corundum refractory castable for waste melting furnace is shown in Fig. 1. In the slag mouth where the slag is more severely etched, a chromium-zirconium corundum refractory castable with a chromium content of 60% is used, and a chrome corundum refractory castable having a chromium content of 20-30% is used in the lower cone section which is relatively less eroded. The chrome corundum refractory castable with a chromium content of 10-20% is used in the furnace wall of the melting furnace close to the inlet and the exhaust port.

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