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What is the cracking and wear of glass kiln refractories?
Dec 05, 2018

Refractory for glass kiln:

▐ What is the cracking and wear of the glass kiln refractory?

Glass kiln refractory cracking refers to the crack damage of the material due to stress and strain. The refractory cracking mainly occurs in the kiln stage. When the kiln is baked, a certain temperature difference occurs inside the refractory brick, and corresponding mechanical stress is generated. If the rate of temperature rise is too fast and exceeds the ultimate strength allowed by the refractory, cracks will occur until it breaks into pieces. The fused, highly sintered dense refractory material is the most susceptible to breakage. In addition to the stress generated by the temperature difference, the expansion or contraction caused by the change in the crystal form of the refractory material also causes stress. When the temperature rises too fast, the crystal form changes rapidly, the volume changes drastically, and the stress is excessively generated, causing the refractory material to crack. Therefore, the kiln must be heated according to the pre-established kiln curve. After the kiln is kiln, the refractory material is exposed to high temperature for a long time, and the mechanical strength of the refractory material at the working temperature is much lower than that at room temperature. If the mechanical load acting on the refractory material is too large, the refractory material will be inelastically deformed (similar to the extremely viscous flowing liquid), causing material damage.

The refractory wear of the glass kiln mainly refers to the effect of dripping water through the slag flowing along the refractory material, and grinding the refractory material into a groove, which is mechanical wear. The main wear site is at the liquid level of the glass, and it is also visible at the flow of the circulating fluid (especially where the flow is disordered). Material wear is exacerbated when liquid level fluctuations and liquid flow changes (such as those affected by temperature fluctuations).

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