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What are the influencing factors of the appearance color of cast refractory bricks?
Dec 07, 2018

Refractory materials for the glass industry:

Factors affecting the appearance of fused cast refractory bricks?

Many people habitually look at the color when buying refractory bricks. Last time we said that the appearance color of refractory bricks does not represent and determine the quality or composition of this brick.

In the case of fused cast refractory bricks, there are many factors influencing the color of the cast refractory bricks. The oxidizing atmosphere, reducing atmosphere and its conversion during the melting of the batch materials, the solubility of impurities in the glass phase, the redox balance of multivalent ions, and the sand material The reaction or eutectic with the melt causes the surface of the brick to be colored, etc., which will cause the color change of the refractory brick. Among them, the oxidation degree, residual carbon content and transition element ion valence state of the cast AZS refractory have a significant influence on the appearance color of the brick.

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