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What are the factors that affect the cement kiln hanging kiln?
Dec 08, 2018

What are the factors that affect the kiln skin?

The factors affecting the rotary kiln hanging kiln skin are: raw material chemical composition, firing temperature and flame shape, feeding and kiln speed, and the position of the coal injection pipe when hanging the "kiln skin". The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Raw material chemical composition

Since the "kiln skin" is the process of solidification of the liquid phase to the surface of the kiln lining, the amount of liquid phase directly affects the formation of the "kiln skin", and the chemical composition of the raw material directly affects the liquid phase. The raw material composition of the rotary kiln "kiln skin" is the same as that of normal production.

2, firing temperature and flame shape

The formation of low temperature liquid phase is not conducive to hanging the "kiln skin", the liquid phase is too high and the liquid phase does not solidify on the surface of the lining, and the "kiln skin" cannot be hanged. Generally control the temperature during normal production, master the clinker clinker fine and uniform, do not burn large pieces or burning flow, strictly prohibit the birth material or stop burning, the weight gain control within the normal indicators. Moreover, it is necessary to keep the firing temperature stable, the flame shape is complete and smooth, and there is no local high temperature, and short-burning is not allowed.

3, feeding and kiln speed

The sturdy, smooth, uniform and stable thermal system of the pharmacist "kiln skin" is a prerequisite. In order to stabilize the thermal system, it is necessary to control the feeding amount to be 50%-70% of the normal feeding amount, and the kiln speed is also reduced to 70%-90% of the normal kiln speed, so that the material is pre-fired stably and the firing temperature is also It is easy to grasp. If the feed is too much or the kiln speed is too fast, the temperature in the kiln is extremely difficult to control and stable, and the kiln skin is not flat and not firm enough. The stability of the kiln speed stabilizes the solidification time of the liquid phase, so the thickness of the kiln skin of the rotary kiln is consistent.

4. The position of the coal injection pipe when hanging the "kiln skin"

In order to gradually push the “kiln skin” from the front of the rotary kiln to the kiln, the coal pipe should be close to the kiln head at the beginning, and the material should be properly biased so that the flame is not pulled too long to prevent the “kiln skin” from hanging too far. Or the front is thin and behind, and the front "kiln skin" has not been hung up, and the rear has formed a circle and other bad conditions. The method of moving the coal pipe is used to control the length and position of the "kiln skin" and the "kiln skin" After that, according to the flame condition, the coal injection pipe is gradually extended to meet the flame position in normal production.

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