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Two silicon bricks lost millions of revolutions caused by the falling off of the silicon kiln
Dec 18, 2018

A large cement production enterprise in Shandong, due to a rotary kiln kiln accident, 32 hours of maintenance plus production losses of more than 3 million. The loss of several million is actually caused by the red kiln caused by the roasting of the rotary kiln with two silicon bricks falling off. "Red kiln" is a large accident in which the temperature of the kiln in a certain area is too high, and the treatment may not be timely, which may cause the kiln to burn through.

The "Red Kiln" accident was discovered in time. After the kiln was stopped, the staff entered the kiln and found that in the rotary kiln firing zone, two pieces of silicon bricks fell off, and a magnesium-aluminum spinel brick was twisted at the kiln head. After technical analysis, it was found that the quality of the silicon molybdenum and magnesium aluminum spinel bricks used in these two parts was problematic. Moreover, during the construction, the construction personnel took care of the trouble and changed the bonding agent of the refractory mud. In the later maintenance, the maintenance of the staff also has great problems.

After the above reasons analysis, the repair plan of the kiln head and the firing zone was arranged separately.

First, the silicon bricks were fired, and after the kiln was cooled, all the silicon molybdenum which was loosened and drawn in the firing zone was removed, and the excavation work was carried out. Construction work must be in accordance with the construction specifications, fire mud construction, wooden hammer tapping and wedge iron must be done. Ensure the normal use of the silica bricks in the area.

In the red kiln accident, in addition to the source of the accident, the silicon-aluminum spinel bricks of the kiln head were also detected to be distorted, and the kiln maintenance was handled. The area that is distorted here is not large, about 1.5 cubic meters. The same treatment was taken. The construction specifications are the same as the firing zone and must be carried out in accordance with the specifications.

We have repeatedly stressed that when companies are building in kiln, they need to use a long period of time. Every step of each step must be strictly controlled. It must be material quality, construction masonry, and post-conservation, and three-pronged. Although the rush was only 32 hours in the repair operation, the loss of several million was a painful price.

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