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The price of low cement castables on the market is uneven. How to choose?
Dec 08, 2018

The low cement series of castables are developed on the basis of clay combined with castables. According to the content of cement in the castables, it can be divided into: low cement castables, ultra low cement castables and cementless castables.

The cement content of low cement castables is between 3 and 8%, the content of 1% is called ultra-low cement castable, and the case of no cement is called cementless castable.

Low cement series product advantages: low porosity, good fluidity, good wear resistance, stable thermal shock resistance, high bulk density, etc., so it is widely recommended and used in high temperature industrial furnaces, such as heating furnaces, annealing furnaces, and stages. Car furnace, soaking furnace, rotary kiln, heat treatment furnace, ladle and so on.

The price of low-cement refractory castables on the market is uneven. There are many reasons for this price. In addition to different materials and different contents, it is also related to the quality of raw materials. For example, the choice of low cement is generally pure calcium aluminate. Cement, while some cut corners use high-aluminum cement, the difference in raw material selection will directly lead to the use of low cement castables and the shortening of furnace life.

Low cement castables often have the following problems during use:

1. Chemical corrosion, chemical reaction with low cement castables when contact with slag occurs.

2. High temperature corrosion, the use temperature is lower than the ambient temperature of the furnace working conditions, resulting in softening of the castable.

3. Thermal shock spalling, alternating rapid cooling or hot and cold in the working environment, causing the castable to peel off and disintegrate.

4. The surface is powdered and alkalized, and the castables appear on the surface after the construction, such as hoarfrost and long white hair.

5. The service life of castables is short, which leads to an increase in maintenance costs.

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