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The advantages of self-baked carbon brick masonry
Dec 19, 2018

The self-baking seamless technology of self-baking carbon brick masonry furnace has basically solved the major problems of iron infiltration and short life of furnace lining, and changed the process conditions of electric furnace to a certain extent, achieving high load and high furnace temperature. And laid the foundation for increasing production and saving energy.

The masonry of self-baking carbon bricks on the submerged arc furnace is different from the traditional method of furnace construction, which avoids the disadvantages of using the wide-season masonry of the roasting carbon block. When the self-baking carbon bricks are built, the water-injected mud is used as the carbon cement and the sizing agent, and the force is pressed tightly. The carbon brick ring seam is tamped with the low-temperature coarse seam paste with matching performance. All charcoal bricks must be processed and pre-built. The tapping port part is made of semi-graphite carbon-silicon carbide brick with good slag resistance. The carbonaceous bottom and lining must conform to the integrated processing and construction accuracy standards.

The bottom of the self-baked carbon brick and the lining are gradually graphitized by using the heat in the oven and the production process, and the reducing condition in the furnace, and finally calcined into a solid, dense and integral carbon lining, and the temperature rises. The qualitative change, that is, the conversion of carbon to graphite. The self-baking carbon brick forms a dense and nearly seamless whole at high temperature, which makes the alloy difficult to penetrate the bottom of the furnace, greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the lining, and achieves the purpose of extending the life of the lining, so that the production can be continuously performed for as long as possible. It improves the utilization rate of the electric furnace, increases the thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, improves the temperature of the molten pool, facilitates the deep insertion of the electrode, and also saves various consumption caused by stopping the furnace.

The heat storage capacity of the furnace bottom is enhanced, so that the refractory impurities in the furnace are not easy to solidify, and it is easy to discharge with the flowing high-temperature liquid, and it is difficult to make the furnace bottom rise.

The application of the low-temperature anthrax material improves the working conditions of the workers, and avoids the phenomenon of iron penetration which occurs when the wide-slit beating is not formed during baking and the shrinkage during baking.

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